K. Stephan Coburg

  • Director of Teaching, Teacher Training and Therapies
  • E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance USA & International, SYT Yoga Alliance UK
  • CYT500 Small

K. Stephan Coburg is the principal teacher, founder and director of The Radiant Hand and The Radiant Hand Academy of Yoga.

An inspiring, dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, students who attend Stephan’s classes develop a deep understanding of yoga and asana practice, as well as being introduced to the myriads of other spiritual knowledge and tools that are available to him. He brings a wealth of experience to his teaching and to the courses.

Geraldine Grey

  • Vice Principal of The Radiant Hand Academy of Yoga
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Science, CSP, HPC
  • RHCYT500, RYT500 Yoga Alliance UK
  • CYT500 Small YA-Badge-SeniorTeacher-white

Geraldine is Principal of The Radiant Hand Academy of Yoga, a yoga teacher and holistic physiotherapist. She offers the Nuad Boran Northern Style of Thai yogic massage, Indian Head massage, Acupressure, Swedish, Sports and Remedial, Holistic and Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Hot Stones massage. Her teaching styles include Dynamic, Hatha, Dynamic Deep Stretch, Pre and Post Natal as well as one-to-one private yoga sessions. Geraldine’s teachings and therapies embody her own strength, compassion and empathy. She encourages students and clients alike to empower themselves and to explore their innate ability to heal, grow and live a more fulfilling life.

Diccon Wilks

  • Director of Operations & IT @ The Radiant Hand
  • RHCYT500, RYT500 Yoga Alliance UK
  • CYT500 SmallYAP-Logo-square-1

In Prana, everything rests like spokes in the hub of a wheel, for without the spokes you have no structure for a wheel, just a hoop.

Diccon qualified through The Radiant Hand as a yoga instructor and now teaches Dynamic, Hatha and Yin styles of yoga. He is also qualified in Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Diccon teaches at The Radiant Hand and at various gyms and yoga centres around London, encouraging his students to work hard but always with compassion towards themselves and a smile on their faces.

As well as being a yoga instructor, Diccon is qualified in different forms of massage including Holistic massage, Thai yogic massage, Chair massage and Indian Head massage. He is also a skilled Tarot reader and Runemaster offering readings as a healing concept to help people to find solutions to the challenges in life.

Graham Hyman

  • General & Business Development Manager
  • RHCYT500, RYT500 Yoga Alliance UK
  • CYT500 SmallYAP-Logo-square-1

Graham wanted to become a yoga teacher as he has always felt passionately that everyone should enjoy and love their work. This is reflected in the enthusiasm with which he approaches his students and teaching and he finds great joy in assisting others along their journey of growth and healing through dedicated yoga practice. Graham’s classes tend to be very grounded and strong, with an emphasis towards developing focus and mindfulness through a vinyasa based practice, which is reflective of his own personal sadhana. Teaching all levels, Graham is proficient in Hatha, Dynamic Hatha, Dynamic, Vinyasa, Yogalates and Ashtanga.

Graham is a fully qualified Holistic Massage Therapist and is also qualified in the Nuad Boran Northern Style of Thai Massage. He continues to study other forms of healing and massage.

Ted Morris

  • Principal of The Radiant Hand Academy of Yoga
  • BMus (Hons) PGCE
  • RHCYT500
  • CYT500 SmallYAP-Logo-square-1

As part of his Guru-shishyas training, or lineage, Ted honours his Guruji by working as Vice Principal to The Radiant Hand Academy of Yoga. He dedicates and works towards sampradaya with his Guruji, receiving teachings and guidance in the most traditional form.

Ted balances his duties towards his Guruji by teaching music to primary children in South London. Ted started to introduce yoga and meditation into one of his local Primary schools through The Radiant Hand in 2013 and now teaches yoga in primary and secondary schools around London. Ted is also qualified in the Nuad Boran Northern Style of Thai Massage.

Amaryllis Holland

  • Newsletter Editor
  • D Clin Psy (PhD), BPS, HPC
  • RHCYT500, RYT500 Yoga Alliance UK
  • CYT500 SmallYAP-Logo-square-1

Amaryllis is a course tutor at The Radiant Hand and teaches yoga classes at The Sanctuary and in gyms around London. She particularly enjoys teaching Yoga Level I and Beginners classes, supporting students at the beginning of their yogic paths, a time that was so pivotal in her own life. She is also qualified in the Nuad Boran Northern Style of Thai Massage.

Teaching yoga compliments Amaryllis’ work as a psychologist, giving her a more balanced and holistic perspective in her daily life. Amaryllis offers integrative counselling at The Sanctuary, drawing on a range of approaches, tailored to suit the individual.

Helen Smith

  • Office and Marketing Manager
  • Yoga Teacher in Training

As a result of her love for yoga and the journey of transformation it offers, Helen is now training to become a yoga teacher with The Radiant Hand, as well as being Office and Marketing Manager. She also works as a designer for Radiant Designs, the sister company of The Radiant Hand, focused on arts, crafts and interiors. Helen is also qualified in the Nuad Boran Northern Style of Thai Massage.

Susie Storey

  • Yoga Teacher in Training

Susie started practising yoga in 2011 to improve a recurring back injury she sustained from a motorcycle accident. After attending a few classes, Susie began to feel the physical and mental benefits of practising yoga. Wanting to learn more, Susie enrolled on to the Foundation Course (Introduction to Yoga Levels I and II) at The Radiant Hand Academy of Yoga, which unleashed a passion for yoga.

Susie realised that yoga is not only a physical discipline, but also a deep spiritual one, which has motivated her to develop all aspects of yoga. Yoga has been fundamental in making positive changes in her life and has given her the confidence to grow and expand her physical and spiritual horizons. All this has inspired Susie to want to help others, and she is working towards completing her training as a Yoga Teacher with The Radiant Hand.

Tanya De Hoog

  • Yoga Teacher in Training

Tanya started attending classes with The Radiant Hand in 2012, after taking up yoga as a form of exercise in gyms and other yoga studios for several years prior. It was not until studying the Introduction to Yoga courses in 2012 and 2013, that she gained an understanding of the philosophy of yoga and this inspired her to integrate these lessons into her life and into her practice. These changes have evolved slowly over time and have provided more balance in all aspects of her life and provided her with a much healthier and happier perspective towards her professional life as a Structural Engineer.

Tanya looks forward to discovering her style and approach to teaching in the next phase of teacher training. She desires to teach as a way of giving back to others and sharing all the benefits that she has experienced.

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