When you walk in the door of the Radiant Hand, you leave London Life and all its stresses outside. The environment is warm and nurturing as are the teachers. I have been to several yoga schools and the warm, personal, supportive approach of the Radiant Hand is truly unique; they have created a friendly community of yoga students. They offer a range of yoga classes including dynamic, hatha and chakra rebalancing, courses both for interest only and for teacher training, as well as therapies, such as massage and physiotherapy. The classes are small (generally up to 6 people) and the instructors genuinely care about each individual’s progress and development. I have also been on one of their retreats and it was absolutely amazing – thoroughly recommended!

Google Review, 2012

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Emily Oliver

I stumbled upon The Radiant Hand three years ago and have never looked back. No other class I have ever attended compares to theirs. There are all different types of classes on offer so if you are new to yoga (as I was) then the beginners classes give you a great foundation, from where you can then move on to more dynamic classes. I now really value the mental and emotional strength their classes give me, in addition to the physical… It’s a very special yoga studio and school, do go along and try it out for yourself.

Yoga student, 2016

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has given me a very good understanding of the yoga postures within this course. It is well-structured so that it brings out the best in the students.

Yoga I student, 2015

I can honestly say it was life-changing. I normally wouldn’t say that kind of thing, but it has developed my self-awareness and given me insight into my thoughts, my level of self-discipline and my behaviour…It has expanded my understanding in so many ways, developing my knowledge of the philosophy of yoga, the different benefits of asanas and of chakras and meditation…It has also developed my knowledge of the vastness of the subject…

Yoga I student, 2015

A real haven from the hustle and bustle of London life, this is a yoga school like no other. The people are warm, welcoming and caring, the yoga is inspiring, challenging and supportive. This is a very special find whether you are looking to drop in for a class or undertake a short course to deepen your knowledge of the theory of yoga. I have also been for physio here, the results were amazing, I also tried a massage which was totally relaxing. I love it and have been back regularly since I found this absolutely gem in Tooting.

Google Review, 2012

The Radiant Hand Yoga School is a real find in the middle of Tooting. They offer a range of yoga classes for all levels and the teachers are second to none in their expertise and their approach always welcoming. Complementary holistic treatments such as massage and physiotherapy sessions are also provided. I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to start learning yoga or develop their yoga further to come here. Drop in classes are available to give you a taster!

Google Review, 2012

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