Summer Term Timetable 2017

We are currently closed. We re-open for the Summer Term on Monday 26th June 2017, with classes starting on Tuesday 27th June.  Bookings for the Summer Term can be made online or via The App.


Class styleTimeTeacher
Early Bird Yoga06.45 - 08.00Graham
Hatha Yoga10:00 - 11:15Diccon
Beginners Dynamic Style Yoga17.15 - 18.15Amaryllis
Intermediate Dynamic Style Yoga18.30 - 19.45Ted
Dynamic Yoga20.00 - 21.30Amaryllis


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Hatha Yoga10.00 - 11.15Diccon
Gentle Flow Yoga12.15 - 13.00Diccon
Intermediate Dynamic Style Yoga17.15 - 18.15Amaryllis
Beginners Dynamic Style Yoga18.30 - 19.45Geraldine
Dynamic Yoga20.00 - 21.30Geraldine


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird Yoga06.45 - 08.00Amaryllis
Women Only Hatha Yoga10.00 - 11.15Geraldine
Mummy and Baby Yoga12.00 - 13.15Geraldine
Intermediate Dynamic Style Yoga17.15 - 18.15Diccon
Beginners Dynamic Style Yoga18.30 - 19.45Diccon
Dynamic Yoga20.00 - 21.30On Rotation


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird Yoga06:45 - 08:00Geraldine
Women Only Hatha Yoga10:00 - 11:15Amaryllis
Over 55s Yoga12:15 - 13:00Amaryllis
Meditation17.15 - 18.15Diccon
Beginners Dynamic Style Yoga18.30 - 19.45Diccon
Dynamic Yoga20.00 - 21.30Graham


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird Yoga08.00 - 09.15Diccon
Dynamic Yoga10.00 - 11.30Ted
Beginners Dynamic Style Yoga11.45 - 13.00Ted
Pregnancy Yoga13.15 - 14.30Geraldine
Meditation14.45 - 15.45Diccon


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird Yoga08:00 - 09:15Graham
Kids Yoga10.00 - 11.00Ted
Dynamic Chakra Re-balancing Yoga11.30 - 13.00Geraldine

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