The Spring Term runs from Monday 23rd April – Sunday 1st July 2018 (10 weeks). The Summer Term runs from Monday 23rd July – Sunday 2nd September 2018 (6 weeks). There will be a reduced timetable running between the terms. Please check The Radiant Hand App or Book Online page.


Class styleTimeTeacher
Hatha Yoga10.00 - 11.15Diccon
Beginners Dynamic Style Yoga17.15 - 18.15Diccon
Intermediate Dynamic Style Yoga18.30 - 19.45Amaryllis
Dynamic Yoga All Levels20.00 - 21.30Stephan


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird06.45 - 08.00Geraldine
Hatha Yoga10.00 - 11.15Diccon
Lunchtime Chillax Yoga12.15 - 13.00Diccon
Dynamic Yoga All Levels18.30 - 20.00Stephan
Dynamic Yoga20.15 - 21.45Geraldine


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird06.45 - 08.00Amaryllis
Lunchtime Chillax Yoga12.15 - 13.00Diccon
Dynamic Yoga17.15 - 18.15Amaryllis
Deep Stretch and Yoga Nidra18.30 - 19.45On Rotation
Yoga for Runners and Cyclists20.00 - 21.30Geraldine


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Women Only Hatha Yoga10.00 - 11.15Amaryllis
Dynamic All Levels18.30 - 20.00Stephan


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird08.00 - 09.15Diccon
Dynamic Yoga All Levels10.00 - 11.30Stephan
Pregnancy Yoga13.15 - 14.30Geraldine
Meditation14.45 - 15.45Diccon


Class StyleTimeTeacher
Early Bird08:00 - 09:15Amaryllis
Beginners Intermediate Dynamic Style Yoga10:30 - 11:45Diccon
Dynamic Chakra Re-balancing Yoga12.00 - 13.30Geraldine
Meditation17.30 - 18.30Diccon

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