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All class are paid for in advance, either online or over the telephone. Our class sizes are small so every student gets the attention they need to progress in their yoga practice. This means class places are in high demand and we want to ensure committed students can attend and places do not go to waste.

If you are unwell or unable to attend a single class at short notice (less than 6 hours prior to the class), you will forfeit the class.

If you are unwell or unable to attend a block booked class at short notice (24 hours prior), you will forfeit the class.

At our discretion, we may offer you one alternative class per term to be taken within the same or the following week that you are unable to attend. If we do choose to exercise this discretion, it will only be once per term, however this offer is not guaranteed. In the event of serious illness, a doctor’s letter will be required stating why you are unable to attend and a credit note will be issued as appropriate. Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a session.

Due to the fact that all our events are now synchronised and established for the whole year, the block booking system gives everyone the chance to plan in advance.

There is also more opportunity to develop your practice and progress within a term due to the fact you will have the same teacher enabling them to focus on your personal development.

It also allows the teacher to develop aspects of their teaching with a consistent group of students, so for example you could speak to your teacher and ask to focus on hip opening or inversions during the 5 or 10 week block.

If you are having treatment with one of the therapists at The Radiant Hand or even externally, it allows the same teacher to be able to better assist you in your healing.

No, Karma and Jnana passes can only start on either the first or the sixth week of each term. If you wish to start attending a class before your Karma pass block booking begins you can telephone or email us about attending on a one-off basis or by dropping in to the Dynamic Yoga class on Wednesday night at Bruce Hall.

Yes, you can book and pay for all 2017 terms now.

Yes, all classes will run as normal.

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