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Today we experienced our first eclipse of the year. There are 3 characteristics of this eclipse that made it particularly special. Firstly it was a Total Lunar eclipse meaning that the moon looked red as a result of the Earth coming between the Sun and the Full Moon. This blocks the rays of the Sun from shining its light on the Full Moon as it normally would and it becomes know as a Blood Moon. Additionally it is a Supermoon because of its close distance to the Earth. Thirdly, as this is the second Full Moon of the month, it is known as a Blue Moon. This in itself is rare, hence the saying ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. When you combine all three of these characteristics together you can get a good feeling as to just how powerful this celestial event is.


This year of 2018 is an 11 year in numerology (2+0+1+8=11). 11 is known as a master number and is a very powerful number associated with Manifestation, Karma and also Relationships. Have you ever seen the mystical number 11:11? It usually pops up when something is manifesting in your life. It is a message from the Universe to remind you to focus on your dreams as you are getting a helping hand from the heavens. The Karmic concept behind the number 11 comes about as 11 is made up of two 1s. This represents a gateway to balanced energy and balancing your karma. This year 2018 therefore presents an opportunity to balance your karma and manifest the life you truly want to live.

And here is where it gets really interesting. The first Full Moon of the year on January 1 began with the moon at 11deg Cancer and the Sun at 11deg Capricorn – 11:11. For this Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, the Moon is at 11deg Leo and the Sun at 11deg Aquarius – another 11:11 moment!

Back in August of last year, we had the ‘Great American Eclipse’ which was a Solar eclipse in Leo. This Lunar eclipse will bring to a conclusion what was begun 6 months ago.

During this Leo full moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the Sun in Aquarius. It encourages us to be bold and follow our dreams, face the fear and do it anyway! Every person in this world has a unique gift to contribute to the world. What is yours?

Diccon Wilks


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