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This month of August is considered to be the most powerful month of the year. Whilst there are many astrological alignments taking place this month by far the most powerful are the two eclipses.


Eclipses take place twice a year. They always come in pairs, a full moon and a new moon eclipse. Eclipses are very powerful and have been described as Full Moons/New Moons on steroids!

When an eclipse occurs, we have an incredible opportunity to release old patterns of outdated behaviour.

According to Nasa, a full moon eclipse occurs when the earth passes directly between the sun and the moon. For this round of eclipses we had a partial lunar eclipse when only a part of the moon entered the Earth’s shadow.

A Solar eclipse is described by Nasa as happening when the moon, orbiting Earth, moves between the Sun and the Earth. The moon therefore blocks the light of the Sun from reaching Earth.

Whilst an eclipse, if visible, is an incredible spectacle it is the spiritual influence that is most significant to us. They represent God’s way of guiding us back to our life path. Where things may have gone astray in our lives the Eclipse cycle will correct that.

Full Moon Eclipse

On the 7th August we had a partial full moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius.

With the moon in the sign of Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, you have may have noticed a theme. Aquarius rules the collective and the greater good, whilst Leo teaches us to honour our self and take care of our needs. Therefore, in order for us to serve the greater good it is imperative that we take care of our own needs and recognise our individuality.

For those of you who have cats, the animal associated with Leo, think about how they express themselves. When they want food they ask, when they want attention they ask. Even if we ignore them they don’t take no for an answer. Ask yourself the question do you always honour your own needs in the same way?

On the flip-side, self-care can lead to self-obsession if we become too self-absorbed and do not consider the needs of others (Aquarius).

Eclipse Portal

The Lunar Eclipse opened an energetic portal, which will have highlighted these points and continued the process in preparation for the Solar Eclipse. Many aspects in your life will have been stirred up over these past two weeks.

The Great American Eclipse

Now it is time for the main event. On August 21 we have a total Solar Eclipse taking place over America, the second of this pair of eclipses. The last time it happened was 99 years ago. Many astrologers consider this as potentially a time of change for America.

This eclipse will further enhance all that the lunar eclipse has revealed. New Moons are considered powerful times of new beginnings. It is a potent time to change and let go of the past.


This is the second new moon in Leo. This is a rare event, known as a Black Moon.

The numerology of this and the previous Leo new moon paint the picture.

The first Leo new moon in July took place at the sign’s first degree. You could look at this as something being birthed.

This second New Moon Solar Eclipse is almost at the last degree of the sign (something is now coming to an end).

The numerology for the year 2017 is (2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1) – a time for new beginnings.

August is a 9 month (8+2017) – a time for endings.

September is a 1 month (9+2017) – a time for new beginnings.

It would seem that something very exciting is being birthed with this eclipse. Now is the time for us all to live in our truth and be bold and courageous in creating our lives. During this time your intentions and prayers are very important as we go through this birthing process.

Diccon Wilks Yoga Teacher and Tarot and Astrology Consultant, RHCYT500, BA Hons


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