Spectacular Sri Lanka Dynamic Yoga Jungle Retreat 2016 – A Student’s View


Months after returning from Sri Lanka what stays with me even now is the joy of the experience. It starts on arrival and extends the whole way through the retreat. The staff at the retreat centre greet us with wide smiles and give a feeling of genuine pleasure in welcoming us. Nothing seems like too much trouble as they create a luxurious home for us for the next week or two and look after every detail beyond those I had even thought of. Coming back for the second year felt like being greeted by old friends.

The first year I went on this retreat, I may have gone initially for the holiday and promise of warmth at the end of winter…perhaps even a bit of hidden desire to get in shape before summer, but the retreat gave so much more to me and has continued to do so long after returning both years.

The first week of classes taught by K Stephan Coburg, Founder and Director of The Radiant Hand, took me from being caught up in the business of life right back to myself and reveal the joy of life. This happened surprisingly quickly. The simplicity of the setting enhanced this feeling because it provides a constant reminder that happiness is within, not provided by all the stuff I surround myself with in London. The second week taught by Graham Hyman consolidated the transition from busy, to me, and we start to build strength and serenity after eliminating anxiety, worry and stress in Week 1. Both years I wondered if two weeks would be too long, but after the first week I was in now way ready to leave and was so pleased I had chosen to stay. It was like two holidays in one. The same place but quite different experiences.

The day trips were varied and complimented the Yoga. I met new, fascinating people and strengthened existing friendships. I cannot think of a better combination; travel, yoga, people, culture, incredible local food prepared with local produce, and healing. See you there in 2017!

The Spectacular Sri Lanka Dynamic Yoga Jungle Retreat 2017 is booking up fast. Please click here for further details.

Tanya De Hoog


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