Introduction to Yoga Level I students, October – November, 2016

Would you like to develop your understanding of yoga and develop your own self-practice?

Are you feeling like there must be more to yoga than a physical asana practice?

Are you considering training as a Yoga Teacher?

Then consider enrolling on to one of inspiring yoga courses starting on the weekend of 4th February 2017. Our courses provides a solid foundation in all aspects of yogasana and yoga philosophy. From understanding asanas and their benefits to pranayama techniques, meditation, chanting, to developing your own personal practice, and ultimately developing your own classes.

The two components of our Foundation Course (Introduction to Yoga Levels I and II) will be running in February and March, as well as Yoga Level III, the next step towards your Teaching qualification. For full details, please click here.

“I can honestly say it was life-changing. I normally wouldn’t say that kind of thing, but it has developed my self-awareness and given me insight into my thoughts, my level of self-discipline and my behaviour…It has expanded my understanding in so many ways, developing my knowledge of the philosophy of yoga, the different benefits of asanas and of chakras and meditation…It has also developed my knowledge of the vastness of the subject…” Janette, Introduction to Yoga Level I student, 2015

All courses are booking up fast, so please contact us info@theradianthand.co.uk as soon as possible to reserve your place.


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