“Our daughter’s confidence has improved leaps and bounds since she started yoga. The yoga class is the highlight of her week.”
Agniezska, whose 8 year old daughter has autism.

With numbers of children diagnosed with an autistic spectrum condition (ASC) steadily increasing, many of us will have the contact with children who experience challenges with their communication, social skills and coping with change.

Many children with ASCs also experience sensory difficulties (either heightened or reduced sensory responses) and are very sensitive to their surroundings as a result. Sensory overload is common, as are difficulties with anxiety, posture, movement, balance, sleep and digestion.

It makes intuitive sense that yoga might be able to bring balance to an overloaded and stressed sensory system and there is a growing body of research evidence, showing a whole range of benefits of yoga for children with ASCs. Many parents report that their children are calmer, less anxious, less easily overloaded, find it easier to focus and sleep better after doing yoga.

Yoga for Children with Autism classes run at The Studio on Sundays 13:30 – 14:30. These fun and engaging small group sessions for children aged 4 – 7 are specially tailored to the needs of the individual children attending.
The classes are taught by Geraldine Grey, Senior Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist and Amaryllis Holland, Yoga Teacher and Clinical Psychologist. Both Geraldine and Amaryllis have many years of experience of working with children with ASCs and have completed an intensive specialist training on Yoga and Mindfulness for Children with Autism and ADHD.

If you are interested in your child attending, please email us or call 0208 682 5186 in advance of the class and Amaryllis or Geraldine will call you back to discuss how we can best meet your child’s needs.

We will be looking to extend these classes in the future to different age groups and to children with other developmental difficulties, such as ADHD and learning difficulties, so please contact us if you are interested.

Amaryllis Holland, Yoga Teacher, Clinical Psychologist, RHCYT500


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