Welcome to the Year of the Fire Monkey! This promises to be an exciting and powerful year of change.

When looking at the animal associated with each year we also want to take into account the element. If we look at last year we had the year of the Wood Sheep. The previous year was also a Wood year. Wood years are associated with cultivation and exploring pastures new. You may have noticed over the past year or two how many aspects of your life have changed. All things in our lives that do not work have come up for review. We have been clearing away the debris or ‘dead wood’ in our lives to make way for new ways of being that serve us better. It has not been an easy journey. Yet as the dead wood is cleared away so this allows new branches to flourish. These new branches allow us to tap into our intuition. When we follow our intuition we empower ourselves to create the life we desire.

Last year we had the year of the sheep, which is by nature a yin sign. The monkey is a yang or fire sign. Now we move into a fire year. Fire is associated with passion, generosity, energy so we can expect a significant energetic shift when combined with the fiery energies of the monkey. The wood of the past couple of years now becomes the fuel for the fire so expect what you have been cultivating over the past two years to bear fruit!

What will happen in 2016?

We can expect to see significant advances in technology in 2016. New ideas and inventions are likely to spring forth propelled by the clever monkey way of thinking. There will be a greater move towards holistic therapies as more and more people move away from conventional medicine. Also increased global awareness will continue. As we cultivate change internally, so the world around us reflects this change. Humanity has become more conscious of the Earth – it being our home – and the need to change our ways. This will be further highlighted in this monkey year and some interesting solutions are likely to present themselves, including new tools and products for creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

The good news is that Monkeys are known as the problem solvers of the zodiac and can find solutions that the world needs right now. Whilst extremist movements will continue, their effect will be lessened due to the nature of the Fire Monkey years, which open us up to greater truths and awareness. Communities will flourish in 2016 as the fire energy encourages heart-centered action.

Look after yourself this year

This is a great year for listening to your heart and following your passions. Let the opportunistic and clever monkey energy propel you forward to fulfill your dreams! As this year will be fiery and energetic, remember to make time for yourself with regular practice of yoga, tai chi/chi gong and meditation. Pranayama will be helpful in taming the yang energy of the year. Also be patient in your relationships as fire energy can lead to confrontation and heated arguments!

On a final note, it has been said that those who dare to be different will succeed while the monkey reigns!

Wishing you all an abundant and exciting Fire Monkey year!

Diccon Wilks


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