Have you been feeling that life has been slowing down recently or have you noticed aspects of your past returning? After the powerful eclipses in March, we move into a very different kind of energy as April draws to a close with five of the ten primary planets used in astrology in retrograde motion.

To put it into perspective, it has been ten years since we last had five planets in retrograde at the same time and it is happening for a reason. It can be seen as an opportunity for us to review our lives and learn from the mistakes we have made in the past so as not to repeat them in the future!

What does retrograde mean?

When a planet moves into retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards. In truth it is not moving backwards, but simply appears to be moving backwards from the earth’s perspective. It is an optical illusion but nevertheless has a significant effect on our lives. Astrologers often refer to the phrase “as above so below” and this is illustrated perfectly in a planet’s retrograde period.

For instance Mercury is the planet of communication. When at full speed, communication on all levels flows effectively. When retrograde, our traditional ways of communicating often do not work. We are forced to review how we communicate and interact with others. This challenge helps us to think outside the box and broaden our communication skills beyond those that we normally use.

The re-words become significant when a planet is in retrograde ie review, revisit, remember, release, reclaim, rework, retrace etc

Mars Retrograde

Mars moved into retrograde on April 17th. Mars only turns retrograde approximately every two years and as the planet of energy and action, it has a significant impact on our lives. It will affect everyone to some degree but particularly those born under the sign of Aries, as Mars is the ruler of this sign.

During this time we are being given an opportunity to review how we use our energy and how we assert ourselves. Is it an effective use? For some this will mean slowing down, others however may find new energy to approach projects or situations that have become stuck. We will also learn more about how we assert ourselves and how we express our anger. New ways and opportunities can become available at this time leading to breakthroughs and the opportunity to reclaim our power and autonomy.

During Mars retrograde, you may find yourself at times overwhelmed by feelings, passion, aggression or anger. If this happens, consider seeking help from a loved one, friend or family member you can confide in.

Mars is travelling through Sagittarius in this retrograde period and this will give us a boost in our ability to be honest with ourselves.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto is known as the planet of transformation. In our day to day lives Pluto is associated with birth/rebirth, life and death, power and money, life and death, control and manipulation. On a higher level, Pluto is here to help us to understand why we are here in this lifetime. What are we here to accomplish?

Pluto does not mess around and if we stray off track from our soul path he will manifest situations to bring us back in line. From my own experience, these situations are not subtle and usually take the form of sudden and abrupt endings which are designed to give us a kick up the backside and get us back on track!

Pluto in retrograde takes us on an internal journey as to how we are using our power. What are the fears, blocks, unhealthy beliefs which are preventing us from moving forward on our soul path? Pluto is retrograde for the next five months and in that time we can uncover all that is holding us back from achieving our outer world goals and ambitions.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is the Lord of Karma and retrograde motion is a time when Karma is sorted out. Saturn is known as the father of the zodiac and teaches us about discipline, structure and commitment… all the things that are needed to bring our dreams into reality. He is a hard taskmaster! Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and re-organize or re-negotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist!

Consider using this time to look at the foundations of any activity or project that has stalled in your life and make the changes that are necessary. This particular retrograde has strong links to love and money with Venus heavily involved. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, Saturn will give you the green light to move forward.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter rules expansion, good fortune, opportunity, joy and abundance. Jupiter has actually been retrograde since January so it may be that these things have been missing from your life or that you have been considering them and planning internally but have not been able to take them into your outer world. Jupiter has been travelling through Virgo during this time so specific themes of service, health and technical skills will have been highlighted. How could we nurture and develop these skills to enable us to create greater joy and abundance in our lives?

The good news is that this retrograde is coming to an end shortly. Jupiter begins to move forward from May 9th, at which point we can implement the ideas and plans we have been formulating to move forward with our dreams. With Jupiter it is always best to think big. The bigger you plan, the more help Jupiter will offer you in pursuing your dreams.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet that is situated closest to the sun. For this reason it has a shorter orbit than Earth. At the point at which it speeds past the Earth, it moves into retrograde and this happens three to four times per year. This particular retrograde period lasts from April 28th to May 22nd. Of all the planets, this is the most well know of all the retrogrades.  This is because it has such an obvious impact on our daily lives Once you become aware of its effects, it is easy to spot. Here are some things you can look out for in the coming weeks:

Tubes/Trains delayed & traffic jams

Computers/Printers and all electrical things not working as they should.

Personal items going missing. Watch out for keys/wallets etc. (If you do lose an item don’t fret. They are often returned to you at the end of the 3 week retrograde period!)

Having strange conversations with people, almost like you’re speaking a different language!

People from our past make a re-appearance in our lives

It is a good idea during the three weeks that Mercury is in retrograde to slow down and be extremely patient both with yourself and others. Due to the travel issues that will inevitably occur, allow plenty of time for travelling and also be open to plans changing from moment to moment. If all else fails during this time stop and have a good chuckle at yourself. Mercury is known as the trickster planet and this is the time where he plays all kinds of pranks to keep us on our toes!

The Universe always has your best interests at heart…

Over the next few months you might feel as though not much is happening in your life, yet there is a huge amount happening underneath the surface helping you to resolve karmic debt and move forward in a much stronger position. So be patient and open and grateful to the experience, in the knowledge that the Universe always has your best interests at heart!

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