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Dear Students, Friends and Family!

It gives me great honour and pleasure in announcing and congratulating the new Masters and Master Teachers of The Radiant Hand Lineage (parampara), of the guru-shishiyaShaktipat traditions.

Having served their discipleship over and beyond their required years (18 years and 14 years respectively) Diccon Wilks and Geraldine Grey have been ordained and accredited as Masters and Master Teachers of The Radiant Hand Lineage (parampara), having received their final transmissions.

As part of their discipleship, they were initiated into K. Stephan Coburg’s (Teach’s) spiritual family (kula) – a family which is not based on blood relations but on people of the same knowledge (gurukula). Having served their Guru with the highest respect and honours, in turn they have taken sovereignty of their Path, and radiated the Light that is our Lineage, independently and within themselves in all that they do and create. They both persistently develop and evolve their teaching and learning, in accordance to our Lineage, as well as consistently giving and inspiring healing on all levels, and always maintaining a peaceful and loving approach to all others unconditionally, as well as to oneself.

Now together with Teach, no longer as his disciples, they will continue to assist in maintaining the noble standards of teaching at The Radiant Hand Academy as Masters in their own right. They will help to maintain the ethics of our Lineage in all that they are brought into contact with and all that they create. They will independently assist in the safety and development of Teach’s other disciples and their own disciples and students that they teach, as well as within our Academy. Both Diccon and Geraldine will continue their life journey maintaining the grace and virtues of our Lineage in their lives wherever it takes them.

I have been very humbled and privileged to have been able to serve Diccon and Geraldine as their Teachji, they have both shown to me a love and acceptance that can only be repaid in like. I wish them oodles of continual love and great success in all of their endeavours from this point forwards.


With Love and With Light and Loving Kindness,

Teach xxx


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