Most of us can count on one hand the number of people in our lives that have inspired us to change. It is not often you meet a yoga teacher who seems to understand you instantly, as well as knowing how to encourage you so you can transform yourself in a way that lasts.

As a yoga teacher with more than 23 years experience, Sri K S Coburg’s (Founder and Director of The Radiant Hand) depth of love for, and knowledge of yoga are a rare find. He has run retreats across the world, from Sri Lanka to Turkey, Egypt and Spain, as well as many closer to home in the UK.


Stephan’s retreats are fun, light-hearted, and create a genuinely safe place for everyone to be entirely themselves, encouraging laughter and joy on and off the mat. Stephan’s experience of life is unique and he loves to explore concepts of yoga and life with his students.

As a teacher he draws from a wealth of understanding of the ancient arts. A Yoga Master, he teaches Dynamic Yoga for all levels, alongside Classical Hatha, Yin Yoga. Over the past few years Stephan has developed a new form of yoga, Anahata Agni Hotra Yoga, which many experience like dancing with the stars while rooting themselves into the core of the earth. His mastery of both Tai Chi and Chi Gong are an occasional treat for one of his morning classes, where he uses these forms focused on raising Chi to awaken you in the most wonderful of ways.


What each retreat has in common is that Stephan’s students come away feeling transformed and with a greater perspective on life. The attention to detail and level of care that he gives each student is unparalleled. Like all good teachers though, you have to meet him half way, and be open to learning. Stephan’s classes encourage students to move beyond their comfort zone, to explore the extraordinary capabilities of their bodies, hearts and minds, as well as discover a new level of self awareness, joy, peace and serenity.


On the mat, his understanding of how to develop a body in strength, endurance, grace and ease is evident. Not only is he a master of many advanced postures, but more importantly, he is also a master of the nuances of basic postures, training students in a way so that they form a really solid practice base to grow from. You will ache in places you had no idea existed and know you will never feel the same again, in a good way.

On retreats with Stephan, I have seen complete beginners fall head over heels in love with the science and art of yoga; there have been tears and side splitting bouts of hilarity but through it all Stephan remains the captain of the ship silently guiding you.


So if you are ready a new and amazing yogic experience, Stephan’s next retreat is in October 2019 on the Costa de la Luz. Check out the details here.




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