Do you spend a lot of your time and energy striving to be successful in your work and being there for friends and family?

Are you stuck in a cycle of giving out more energy than you can sustain, leaving you feeling depleted, or even exhausted?

In our urban, goal-driven culture, how do we give back to ourselves and rebalance this?

More and more people are choosing to RE-TREAT – to give back time, energy, attention and love to themselves…

So what are the benefits of a yoga retreat?

Going on re-treat allows us to reconsider how we “treat” ourselves, the other people in our lives and the world around us. Taking a step back helps us gain new perspectives, so we may experience greater peace, joy and love in life.

The word “treat” is strongly associated with healing; when we need treatment for something we are in need of care and attention. A re-treat gives us a focussed time and space to heal mentally, emotionally and physically. The time spent practising postures helps to re-align our body, strengthen muscles and flush out toxins. An experienced yoga teacher will help you find greater confidence, strength, flexibility and endurance both on and off your yoga mat. Some re-treats will also offer therapies such as physiotherapy and massage to complement your yoga practice and ease away the day to day stresses of urban living.

Everybody experiences ups and downs in life… taking time out gives us the opportunity to explore and process our experiences on an emotional level, helping us to bring more peace and happiness into our lives.

A “treat” is also something special, something that makes us feel magical and brings us great pleasure. A yoga re-treat gives us the time to “treat” ourselves in a way that we don’t often give to ourselves day-to-day; on re-treat, we give ourselves the chance to rest, to read, to take a bath, to see new places, to eat well, to relax, stretch, laugh and simply enjoy being alive. A good yoga retreat inspires us, helps us to appreciate life for the wonderful experience it is and reminds us of the importance of giving back to ourselves on a more consistent basis.

Learning to treat yourself with love and respect is a challenge for anyone… if you want your inner glow to last long after your time away, come join us on one of our luxurious retreats…and who knows what you will discover and whom you will meet along the way?

Check out our retreats here: www.theradianthand.co.uk/retreats/


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