Yoga at The Radiant Hand

Yoga at The Radiant Hand is inspired by K. Stephan Coburg, who studied in the traditional discipline of Hatha Yoga with his Guruji, Master Tenzin Kendra Rinpoche as his only disciple. In 2002, Stephan’s Guruji left his physical body in mahasamadhi, and Stephan was given the great honour to carry on his teacher’s lineage.

Classes at The Radiant Hand

Here at The Radiant Hand, our classes teach you to understand and become more aware of your body, to develop mental focus and clarity, and to learn about relaxation. We offer a variety of classes from beginners to advanced levels. From vigorously physical, dynamic and intellectually stimulating yoga classes to deep and gentle classes.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

The Radiant Hand Yoga Teacher Training Course provides a solid foundation in all aspects of yogasana and yoga philosophy. From understanding asanas and their benefits to pranayama techniques, meditation, chanting, to developing your own personal practice, and ultimately developing your own classes.

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