Yoga at The Radiant Hand was inspired by K. Stephan Coburg, who studied in the traditional discipline of Hatha Yoga with his Guruji, Master Tenzin Kendra Rinpoche. Stephan was his only disciple.

In 2002, Stephan’s Guruji left his physical body in mahasamadhi, and Stephan was given the great honour to carry on his teacher’s lineage.

Upholding the traditional values of yoga

The yoga taught at The Radiant Hand acknowledges this lineage and has been developed with an understanding about the reintegration of the physical with the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Very often these days, the emphasis on yoga in the West is on the physical. The classes taught at The Radiant Hand uphold the traditional values of yoga in a way which Western culture can digest.

All  teachers here at The Radiant Hand emphasise that asana (postures) is just one aspect of yoga. Other practices such as karma yoga (the yoga of selflessness), ahimsa (non-violence), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, chanting and the study of the Self and of the ancient texts (swadyaya) are also important parts of the practice of yoga.

More about Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy, a science and an art. Originally developed in the Indus Valley region nearly 6000 years ago, it was seen as a method of integrating the entire person physically, mentally and spiritually.

The practice of yoga improves physical fitness, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, and can be brought into all aspects of our daily lives, to extend, deepen and enhance our approach towards life.

Yoga also means to join, connect and unite. The essence of this, is that yoga enables us to unite our inner Self with a higher, more universal Spirit or energy. Yoga helps us to realise the Truth, that we are all a part of this divine energy.

The regular practice of yoga can help us to integrate all our parts, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and from this we respond naturally and holistically to all of life’s situations. By changing how we respond to events, yoga can have a direct and positive influence on our lives. It is a practical vision, which leads to practical results.

Why practise yoga?

Yoga was seen by the ancient Indian rishis as a practical method for the complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation of the individual.

Regular and correct practice of the postures (asanas) can make us stronger, fitter, more flexible and healthier, in mind as well as body.

The benefits of regular practice of yoga include improved muscle tone and strength, greater stamina, better posture, re-alignment of the body, better absorption of nutrients and removal of toxins, improved functioning of the organs and nervous system, regeneration of the body at a cellular level, relief of stress and fatigue, better sleep, more energy, and improved focus, mental clarity and concentration. It also helps to develop relaxation for the mind and body.

Anyone can practise yoga, there are no prerequisites, and you certainly do not have to be flexible.

Yoga is the perfect panacea to the stresses of modern day living.

Yoga and life

We see yoga as a great tool to use in life, as it inspires us daily. We live a life that is reflective of this here at The Radiant Hand, and our dedication to you as yoga teachers is to demonstrate the versatility and diversity of this tool, to inspire you and for you to go on to inspire others.

We humbly accept the honour of carrying on the linage as set out and embodied by the teachings of Guruji Tenzin Kendra Rinpoche, these fundamentally being compassion and kindness, love and creativity, healing and health, peace and happiness.

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